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Thursday, May 11, 2006

God is LAME, yeah, I said it, LAME!

IF, IF there is a God and he is capable of forgiveness, why didn’t he just forgive Adam and Eve of their ‘sin’? Why make the rest of us suffer for their sins? He sacrificed his son, Mr. JC, for our sins, but evidently it’s just as hard to get into heaven now as it was then. And why is the Adam and Eve sin not covered in the 10 commandments? My bible doesn’t have curiosity as a sin. It doesn’t have disobeying the word of god as a sin, either. Listening to a snake didn't make the list either. Their sin was SOOO bad that we die and have the pain of childbirth, but that particular din didn't make God's Top 10 Sin List. Hmmm.....Deuteronomy 5: 1. have no other gods (to give your money to) 2. don’t make idols of another god (borders on redundancy of #1) 3.don’t say stuff like God is bull, or God stinks 4. no shopping on Sunday (someone’s working there, right?) 5. Honor mommy and daddy 6. no murder (unless they’re heathens) 7. no adultery 8. no stealing 9. no lying 10. the clutch ending…drumroll please…hear it comes…don’t covet your neighbor’s stuff, especially his wife. (Wasn’t that covered in #7?) Think about it – the list is LAME!!! And anyway, God is the one that tempted Adam and Eve in the garden. If he wanted them to be mindless sheep, then he should have put the tree somewhere else! What kind of idiot-God would be able to create the universe and everything in it, and then mess it up so royally!! People, please. Spirituality is something to investigate. Do it while you burn your stupid Bible and don’t be a chicken to think that some boogey man is going to jump out from under your bed if you do it. There is so much that we should try to figure out. The world is not flat. Be curious, not afraid. What an idiot’s paradox to say that God is testing you by tempting you to waver from your stupid sheep-like qualities of believing on faith alone. If God wanted you to be a mindless sheep and just ‘believe on faith’, then he wouldn’t have put the tree of knowledge at your front door. AGAIN, if God wanted you to believe in HIM on faith and love of God alone, then there would be no point of revealing the tree of knowledge. Why did He put the tree there and tell you not to eat it? He didn’t. The book was written by crafty men who were trying to organize a rambunctious society. They were trying to make the point that you shouldn't ask questions. 'Do it because we said so.' Noble goals for the times, but this is thousands of years later. It’s time for a more sophisticated spirituality.

Friday, May 05, 2006

There is no wrong or right universally speaking, and black holes are placeholders for potential energy.

Think of yourself as a ray of light, in addition to being human. There is no such thing as good and bad. Morality is a concept that stems from the natural order of the universe, and was crafted by men to organize society. The purpose of life (and the purpose of all energy) is to experience, to learn, to discover, and so Hitler and Jesus are sort of mathematical equals, both being a strong positive, because of the impact of their “experience, learning, discovering”. The creation of the concept of Morality is a function of self-preservation and ultimately an organizational function of energy. Morality will ultimately add more positive numbers to the universe. Get this: Humans are a version of energy. Plants, animals, and rocks are a version of energy too. The opposite of energy is void. The universe is a spectacular dance between energy and void. Once energy experiences, learns, discovers the void completely (billion billion, etc. years) it cools down, contracts, and it gets so small and cold and void, that it becomes hot, and is reborn big bang style to experience, to learn, to discover again. The universe can be infinite and infinitesimal because when energy runs out it turns into void, which is just the potential for something to be there. Back to morality - a black hole doesn’t get jail time for killing a sun. Since it’s morally OK to kill in the universal sense, what’s stopping anyone from killing everyone? It comes down to the fundamentals of energy and void. Energy’s (man’s) purpose is to experience, to learn, to discover. Although killing is experience, learning, and discovery for the killer, it’s also creating void (by the killed). As versions of energy, it’s not mathematically beneficial to kill because the act of adding to experience by killing is much less than the remainder of a life spent experiencing. (btw Being happy and sad have equal positive values.)
A black hole sucks up ten suns and then what’s inside? Nothing, void, negative numbers, potential. This is tricky because a black hole is not really a thing but a non-thing, like a place holder for the energy that used to be there. The energy is no longer there; it’s void. The energy was not destroyed; it just changed into nothingness or potential. Matter is the same thing as energy. Void weighs more than energy because things (or non-things) at rest are heavier than things that are moving. Dark matter/energy is – the void. A moving car’s weight is the car minus a fraction of its potential to move, which is less than a stationary car’s weight, which is the car plus it potential to move. How can something that is nothing have weight? Because, it has the potential to be filled with energy. What happened when all matter and energy were sucked up in the placeholder of black hole void leaving complete and total nothingness? Well, it created energy of course, because there can’t be nothingness without something to not be. But I digress. Our energy fields work in the reverse of a black hole. We eat a plate of spaghetti and then go experience, learn, discover the high of running a marathon. Live long and prosper.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

God is an outdated concept and Rationality is humanity's salvation

I am intrigued about the existentialist thing. (Existentialism = chaos.) The dictionary says existentialism means that there is no coherent criteria that serves as man’s basis of free choice, and that individual essence determines existence, and the universe is absurd. As a practical matter existentialism is chaos and therefore needs to be balanced with a belief in God, so I see how that makes yin yang sense. So in the beginning, God was a concept by which to structure a chaotic civilization. The concept of God gave form to the void, and it balanced life’s chaos. But the concept of God is no longer useful because humans are too knowledgeable for that now. Rationality is humanity’s new salvation. If we continue to believe in the buggy-whip of God, our society will fall into chaos and here’s why: Believing in God defines something that can’t be defined yet. Every religious teacher acknowledges that certainty in God comes down to faith. Faith is a belief that is not based on proof. By accepting concepts that are not based on proof, there’s no standard for what is real. Is Allah real? Are the forty virgins in heaven real? As a believer in God are you telling me that the thing you can’t prove is real, but the thing they can’t prove is false? That’s chaos! Belief in God is leading us to chaos. Maybe God is real, we can’t say for sure. But by pretending (aka having faith) that something that cannot be proven is real, we are tolerating a huge disconnect. The concept of God no longer fills the void with something that makes sense like it used to. The concept of God now creates a void by substituting the un-provable for truth. The good news is that Rationality (Reason) acknowledges that there are still wonderful and amazing things out there to discover – maybe that a God created the universe in six days. Reason seeks to discover the unknown and understand it. Most importantly, Reason provides a universal framework on which to build the rest of humanity. If we could get rid of faith, we’d all have something in common and that sounds… heavenly.